It takes art, science, and just a touch of magic to launch a successful speaking career.

But you can TOTALLY do it!

SAVVY SPEAKER SYSTEMS is a time-tested, simple to follow process used by industry experts and veteran speakers to build a thriving business empire.

YOU have a dream to share your message, transform the lives of your audience, earn the money you deserve, and make a big difference in the world.

I will give you the tools, support, and community you need to make it happen -- way faster & easier than you've ever imagined.

Join me today!

You bring the WOW. I'll bring the HOW.

What You'll Get

Filled with tools, forms, tips & best practices used by the industry's top speakers & agencies, this course will help you master the business side of professional speaking.


Your Top-Dollar Topic: Choose the most profitable speech topic for your expertise & your purpose


Rock Solid Systems: Build a stable foundation for your speaking business to grow on for years to come


Raving Clients: How to find them & how to treat them so they become your best promoters


Luxe Customer Service: Become the Saks 5th Avenue of speakers


Full Circle Strategy: A 5-part system to nurture your leads before, during, and after each speaking event


Done-for-You Forms: Tried-and-tested contract and rider templates, event forms, and more

Every day, hundreds of event planners spend hours searching for the perfect speaker.

The question is...

Are they finding YOU?

Your current speech marketing tactics feel random at best, draining your energy while failing to provide a steady stream of gigs and income into your business…


Here's what we'll cover in each module:

Module 1

You'll learn how to shine brightly in the spotlight so that your audience is entranced by your warmth & authenticity, and everything you should be doing before AND after you take the stage to surprise and delight your clients.

Module 2

How to plant seeds of opportunity, starting from the moment you step off the stage and following into the crucial days and weeks following a speech.

Module 3

How to attract attention from key decision makers and draw your audience to you -- without having to chase them or make cold calls.

Module 4

How to nurture relationships with potential clients in a way that feels authentic to you, without feeling pushy or salesy.

Module 5

How to handle the critical moment when someone asks to you speak -- what to say, what not to say, and how to seal the deal -- and all the things you must do before an event so the client will say you're the best speaker they've ever had.


My industry-tailored speech pricing course, Your Top Dollar Topic, so you can set (and say) your fees with confidence. PLUS done-for-you client forms, checklists, contracts, and more!


These are the kinds of results I'd love to help YOU create in your business:

“I loved working with Melanie on my speakers strategy. I felt really confident that I have everything I need to create a lucrative speaking career. She is a wealth of knowledge on the industry and I recommend that any aspiring speaker, no matter what stage you're at in your speaking business, to work with her.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas 

Author of Get Rich Lucky Bitch

“I hired Melanie because she had a strong background in the speaking industry with a proven track record. Yet while I found the processes, templates, and trade secrets to be priceless, the greatest value was much deeper work that allowed me to get clearer on my message and intentions, which in turn dramatically improved all areas of my business from my sales copy to my offerings and even my marketing. Melanie's intuition is off the charts and she provides a safe place to go beyond the nuts and bolts to the soul of one's business.”

Amber Hurdle 

Author of Bombshell Business Woman

“Working with Melanie really opened my eyes to the big picture of what's involved in a successful speaking career. She clearly identified several key areas of the business side of a successful speaking career that I hadn't even considered. This allowed me to step back and take a second look at where speaking really belonged in my overall business strategy, what I needed to do to lay a foundation and to prepare for success as a paid speaker and how to do it."

Siobhan McAuley

Meaning Maker & Dream Activator

“The greatest thing about what Melanie teaches you is that it sticks with you for the long term. There's no quick fix, though there are quick deliverables and I've found that applying them step by step achieves results. I'll be forever thankful to Melanie for her faith in me, which as built my confidence for each new level I reach. Thank you so much for helping me out and guiding me. Aside from you just being a lovely person, you are so knowledgeable and helpful. I found your guidance just perfect. Thank you for your help and support."

Zoe Richards

Founder of Success Revolution

“You gave me very specific actions steps to help me book speaking engagements. You learned about my work and my brand so that you could offer suggestions for me to find events that will be in alignment with my message. You showed knowledge, expertise, and confidence in your work, which made me feel confident to go bigger in my speaking career. You also offered an amazing industry connection that few people would have shared, which will only propel my business forward."

Mercedes Maidana

Founder of

“Melanie, you ROCK! I'm astonished at how easily you helped me work through my resistances, lack of clarity, fears and concerns. The outline and close and storytelling expertise and finally the MC intro you wrote for me is truly KILLER! I can't wait to try this out. I was fearful and feeling overwhelmed. Now I feel eager, excited and confident to take the stage.”

Val Heart

The Real Doctor Dolittle